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Leo: Chiesta da numi a morte (L'Andromeda)
Forces: soprano, strings & continuo

Source: BL RM MS 22.g.9 (9)

From a copy in the Royal Music Collection thought to be the only one (Pastore), this is a wonderful piece with a flaw. It is missing the first two lines of text for the second recitative - odd! It works, however and the poetry balances without it. Something strange here so we have decided to make it available.

In 2 recit and aria form (arias con spirito e vivace and tempo giusto the second recit accompagnato) it describes the plight of Andromeda, her plaint to the Gods, the arrival of her erstwhile rescuer Perseus and his call to the Gods to have mercy. It is full of 'pre-classical' markers such as strong dominant pedals, greater chordal movement in accompanying parts, the use of chromatic melody, many dynamic markings and rapid changes from passages in tonic major and tonic minor.

Editor: James Sanderson

Cantata con violini
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