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Leo: Dal di che in questo petto
Forces: alto & continuo

A delightful RARA format cantata for alto and continuo in which our erstwhile lover tries to convince Nice that love is just a game and forgiving his infidelity is her only course of action. Hmmm...interesting theory...

Editor: James Sanderson

Cantata da camera
Leo: Dite vedesti forse una donzella
Forces: soprano, violins & continuo

The never-ending search for Nice fills this virtuosic cantata. Lovely imagery including lions, tigers, waves and ships in RARA format. The first aria is full of pathos, calling for the nightingale, the second, following a recitativo accompagnato is fast and furious, a 'navigante' aria. with a range extending to high B flat, this is quite a piece of work!

Editor: James Sanderson

Cantata con violini
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