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Bononcini: Pietoso nume arcier
Forces: 2 altos & continuo

Dorinda and Aldimira are bemoaning the infidelities of their lovers, Tirsi and Aminta. Luckily they have each other to spur on their suit. In duet (largo et affettuoso) - recit - duet (allegro) format.

Source:1721 edition in the British Library

Range (both): b flat - d'

Editor: James Sanderson

Duetto da camera
Leo: Dopo lunga dimora
Forces: soprano & continuo

A stunning example of the genre showing Leo at the height of his powers in this field. RARA format with two complex and beautiful arias and the expected involved recitatives. The straying shepherd returns to the banks of the River Arno to find both love and infedelity in his beloved Amarillis.

Source: Münster Santini Sammlung HS 2358(2)

Range: d - a'' flat

Editor: James Sanderson

Cantata da camera
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