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Hasse: O pace del mio cor
Forces: mezzo-soprano & continuo

O peace of my heart, where do you wander?

A beautiful RARA format cantata with roccoco harmony, delightful vocal lines and a real charm.

Range: c - f'

Editor: James Sanderson
Cantata da camera
Hasse: Per palesarti appieno
Forces: mezzo-soprano, strings & continuo

Dated London, 1751 this cantata can be performed with either violins or flutes/recorders - it is unclear from the source as to which instrument was preferred (althoug if pushed I would probably lean towards flutes/recorders because of the instrumental writing in the first aria - Amoroso). The subject is a rather coy lady, probably in love with the Fileno to whom she speaks, but who knows?

Range: c' - f''

Editor: Kate Eckersley & James Sanderson

Cantata con violini
Hasse: Scrivo in te l'amato nome (Il Nome)
Forces: mezzo-soprano, flute & continuo

Hasse's setting of Pietro Metastasio's Cantata V: Il Nome, a hugely popular cantata text which deals with the lovers Clori and Filomena. Here, using the unusual combination of flute and alto voice in ARA format.

Source: copy in Münster Santini Sammlung HS 1940.

Range: b - g'

Editor: James Sanderson

Cantata con flauto
Porpora: Venticel che trà le frondi
Forces: mezzo-soprano, strings & continuo

From a very clear contemporary copy in the British Library

A substantial cantata with a text concerning our old friends Tirsi and Clori.

Range c# - f' and would suit a low soprano or highish alto. Excellent largo to start and a dramatic accompagnato recit. The feel is similar to the Venetian motets.

Editor: James Sanderson

Cantata con violini
Scarlatti: 2 Cantate Pastorale
Forces: soprano, violins & continuo

Scarlatti's two Cantate Pastorale - 'Non so qual più m'ingobra' (edited by Rosalind Halton) and 'O di Betlemme...' (edited by James Sanderson)

Collected in one edition which saves you £££. Each edition comes with parts and combined score.

See individual titles for further details...

Editor: Rosalind Halton & James Sanderson

Cantata pastorale
Scarlatti: Cantata pastorale - O di Betlemme altera
Forces: soprano/alto, strings & continuo

Source: BL Add 14165 ff202r - 217v

Scarlatti's beautiful narrative Christmas Cantata, made up of introduzzione (allegro/[pastorale]), recitative, andante, recitative, andante, recitative, pastorale.

Range: c - a''

Editor: James Sanderson

Cantata pastorale
Scarlatti: Cantata Pastorale, 1716
Forces: voice, 2 violins & continuo

'Non sò qual più m'ingombra': the first published modern edition with parts of 'the other' Christmas solo cantata, based, with kind permission, on the autograph score in the Deutsche Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin.

The low soprano range of the vocal part lends itself to performance by various voice types, e.g. mezzo soprano or countertenor. The work opens with a masterly accompanied recitative on the wonder of the Christmas story. The two arias beautifully contrast Scarlatti's most ornate 'modern' style with the simplicity of the final Siciliano, with its message of peace to the whole world.

Range: d'-e''

Editor: Rosalind Halton

Cantata pastorale
Vinci: Terzetto - Sento scherzar nel petto
Forces: soprano, mezzo-soprano, alto, strings & continuo

A trio for three of the great singers of the early 18th century, Farinelli, Bernacchi and Tesi. An emotional triabgle between mother, lover and son.

Source: Münster Santini Sammlung Hs 4262

Range (soprano): d - f'

Range (mezzo): b flat - f'
Range (alto): d blat - d'
Editor: James Sanderson

Trio for Farinelli, Bernacchi and Tesi
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